2012 Fall Semester

Volume 3, Number 1

Notes from the Programme Coordinator

Many students who are entering their studies in Law and Society at Memorial University are beginning from a brand new point of entry, the course, LWSO 1000, Law, Democracy and Social Justice. The course is being offered for the first time in the fall term, 2012. At least another two sections of this course will be offered in the winter 2013 term as well. This course examines the nature and aims of democracy and contemporary issues related to social justice and provides an important foundation for subsequent courses in the areas of law and society. Of course, students who commenced their studies in Law and Society prior to the fall term, 2012 are not required to enroll in this course, but it is does offer a relevant elective course. We hope that students who enjoy this course will continue to select courses in Law and Society and become involved with the Programme and its activities.

We offer our heartfelt thanks to Dr. John Hoben, who left his position as the Manager of Academic Programmes, Law and Society in fall 2012. Dr. John Hoben has advised many students in the Law and Society Programme and assisted them in making decisions about courses, and applications to law school, along with decisions about other occupational and educational routes. Dr. Hoben continues to teach in the Law and Society Programme, and compiled the Legal Notes in this newsletter, in addition to his full-time appointment as an Education Consultant with Distance Education, Learning and Teaching Support, Memorial University. Interviews for the next Manager of Academic Programmes will be underway soon and we expect there to be an announcement shortly.

In this issue of the LWSO Newsletter, we profile Law and Society student, Kathleen Paterno, and we welcome back Dr. Raymond Critch as a member of the Law and Society Programme. Dr. Critch taught previously in the Law and Society Programme in 2006-2007. He has since completed his Ph.D. at the University of Edinburgh and is also a graduate (LL.B., 2005) of the Faculty of Law at the University of New Brunswick.

The Law and Society Programme at Memorial University is a member of the Canadian Law and Society Association. A group of scholars from across all disciplines, the Association publishes the Canadian Journal of Law & Society. An announcement about the Association’s mid-winter meeting and a Call for Papers is included here. Also, there are two essay prizes that will be of interest to Law and Society students, as well as other helpful information.

There’s also a new feature for students enrolled in Law and Society courses on the QEII Library webpage. There’s information about this below. Many thanks to Dr. Dianne Keeping for all of her work on these initiatives. We’re looking forward to the Winter 2013 term in Law and Society, and we hope you are too.


Best wishes,
Katherine Side
Programme Coordinator, Law and Society

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