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French Visitors to Newfoundland

An Anthology of Nineteenth Century Travel Writings

by Scott Jamieson (Editor), Anne Thareau (Editor)

With the end of the Napoleonic Wars in the early 1800s and the renewal of French fishing along Newfoundland's "French Shore," French writers became interested in life in Newfoundland. This anthology, originally published in French and now expertly translated into English, provides an image of Newfoundland shaped over many years of writings by French voyagers — sailors and naval officers, diplomats, scientists, journalists, artists, and other visitors — who described this region and its people for their readers back in France. This collection of their accounts, besides describing the French experience of Newfoundland, captures the perception held by French visitors of Newfou...

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New Release

I Never Knowed it Was Hard

Memoirs of a Labrador Trapper

by Louie Montague (Author), Elizabeth Dawson (Editor)

I Never Knowed It Was Hard , the memoirs of Naskaupi River trapper and fiddler Louie Montague, a 77-year-old Nunatsiavut (Inuit) elder from North West River, Labrador, recounts in rich detail the way of life in "them days." Louie has travelled Labrador extensively as a trapper, hunter, prospector, and guide, and as an employee of the provincial forestry and wildlife departments. His remarkable memory and unique understanding of nature, acquired by study and first-hand experience, is complemented by his being an avid reader who constantly seeks more knowledge of Labrador and Arctic history. Here he talks about his family, trapping, hunting, caring for sled dogs, encounters with ...

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