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Welcome to the Political Science eTips website. The content of this website was created by Political Science students for Political Science students, all here at MUN. Browse through the categories to find out what other students had to say about how to succeed in various Political Science courses, ways to get involved at MUN, as well as other beneficial courses, initiatives, programs and services that you should take advantage of throughout your studies.


Research & Writing

  • How to Research Effectively - Tips on how to research effectively and get the most out of the research related resources that are available to you at Memorial. (3 tips)
  • Writing Effectively in Political Science - Tips on how to write effectively, where to find helpful resources and get the most out of the tools available to you. (8 tips)
  • Essay Proposals - Tips on what essay proposals are and how to write one! (1 tip)
  • Avoiding Plagiarism - Tips on how to use quotes and paraphrasing correctly! (1 tip)

In the Classroom

  • Classroom - Tips on how to excel in the classroom from class participation and group work to note taking and public speaking. (6 tips)
  • General Tips - This page offers general tips for succeeding at university. Covers everything from sleep to the university calendar! (1 tip)
  • Interact with your Professor - Some students find approaching their Professor intimidating. This page will give you tips on how to interact with your professor in all venues. (1 tip)

Undergraduate Planning

  • Branches of Political Science - Tips on what to expect from the different Branches of Political Science that will help you choose which branch to concentrate in as well as help with course selection. (5 tips)
  • Course Selection - Tips on how to plan ahead for courses and where to find information on course expectations and professors. (2 tips)
  • Studying Abroad - Tips on where to get more information about studying abroad and what to know before you head overseas. (2 tips)

While You Study

  • Funding Opportunities - Tips on where to find funding for your undergraduate degree and grad school. (2 tips)
  • International Students - Tips for international students that will help ease the transition into studying in Canada and where to find resources that will help you adjust and succeed in your courses. (6 tips)
  • Careers & Job Opportunities - Tips on how to improve your career related skills, where to search for jobs, and land a job both during and after your studies. (6 tips)
  • Political Science Society - Tips on how to get involved within the Political Science Department and the benefits that participating can bring. (3 tips)
  • Student Services - Tips on the various services offered to students across campus. Plenty of resources available to help you out with any problem that may arise during your studies! (1 tip)
  • Health - Tips on how to manage the stresses of university life. (1 tip)

Looking Forward

  • Applying to Law School - Tips on what is required for law school applications, when to start planning and other useful information for students considering the law school. (3 tips)
  • Applying to Grad School - Tips on how to plan for applying to grad school and other helpful information about the process. (4 tips)