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Degree Maps

These degree MAPs are navigational tools, designed to help you make the right choices throughout your Bachelor of Arts degree. They cover information pertaining to your studies, provide study tips, career guidance, suggestions for involvement, advice on go abroad activities and on your well being.

Use the Maps as a framework to plan your program at Memorial and prepare for the life you hope to have after graduation.

Here’s how to use the map:

  • Access the customizable My Map to visualize your goals, located in the actions button in top right of the screen
  • Download My Tracker to keep a record of your academic progress
  • Click on hyperlinks throughout each Map to get detailed information from Memorial websites and the University Calendar
  • Print a PDF of your Degree Map for reference, located in the actions button in top right of screen

Disclaimer: The information in each Degree Map has been extracted from the Official University Calendar. While every reasonable effort has been made to duplicate the information contained in the official University Calendar, if there are differences, the published Memorial University of Newfoundland Calendar will be considered the final and accurate authority.